My mission is to convert your readers to your consumers

Hi! My name is Nghi, a science nerd and a professional writer, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I was that kid who would annoy the hell out of my parents by asking why? Why? to everything I see. And yes, that includes “Where do babies come from?”


I was disappointed when I found out babies didn’t magically fall from the sky.

However, that set me up to a curious person who loves to learn and know more about the world. And that includes your business and your audience!

I know you want quality, well-researched content for your website but is too busy to produce content regularly every week on your own.

After all, a well-written blog post takes around 3 hours and a half to write on average. That’s half a workday gone! And it could be taking even longer, considering lengthier blog post performs better at converting your audience.

I get it.

I can help you producing quality, SEO-optimized articles that will not only increase your conversion and bring more awareness to your awesome business but will save your precious time, so you can focus on working on the important business stuff.

I’m also a consumer myself. I know and understand the common concern and questions that your consumers may have. The content I produce will answer the questions, bring value and be relevant to your audience.

That’s enough talk! Let’s get to business. If you want:

  • A major boost in leads and exposure
  • Establish trust and connection to your audience
  • Saves time to focus on other operations of your business
  • A professional, easy-to-work-with writer

Then, what are you waiting for?